About Us

Welcome to Rsis Group.

If we believe that the presence of human beings, animals, substances or any other existence in the universe is not vain, then we will unconsciously lock for our own existential reason.
RSIS is not excluded from this rule either.
RSIS companies Group has always been founded and developed based on the sympathy and cooperation of diligent and purposeful specialists.
The ultimate goal and the final value targeted by RSIS have always been alongside financial development and cultural synergy.
RSIS believes that the foundation stone of the contemporary world has been formed with the help of different culture's toleration and moderateness and frequent understanding of human values, and trying to interact and having a deep dialogue will make the world the much better place for human beings to live in.
RSIS has human concerns and welcomes its contributors with open arms.

The Board of Founders

OUR Visions


RSIS is about to be one of the most influential multinational Companies domiciled in IRAN in the direction of realization of modern and decentralized business.
Innovative Packages in Technology World, Businesses based on the Online Sale, Interaction point with international businesses and Creation of Corridor for export and import, intellectual, experimental and scientific values form the foundation of this holding.
RSIS welcomes the effective human resources in the above-mentioned fields and considers any stop in the path of dynamism as its only Red Line.


Board of Directors

"Achieving Endless Humanity Is Our Goal ."
- Rsis Group


OUR Mision

RSIS Companies Group has approved simple six-part regulations in order to achieve its targeted goals more promptly, completely and continuously and communicated them to the subsidiary companies to have complied with the main strategy :

  •  Emphasis on the use of soft or hard modern technologies in selected solutions.
  •  Emphasis on the balanced and long-term development instead of emphasis on the instantaneous increase in earnings.
  •  Interactive and Conversational sprint instead of rigid and uncompromising one.
  •  Insistence on the management power development of the complex horizontally instead of vertical and centralized one.
  •  Emphasis on international cooperation in order to present the capabilities of IRAN instead of concentration on internal business.
  •  The use of brainy and wise youth at the top of the management pyramid in order to be synchronized with the high speed of world trade.

It is hoped that the above- mentioned six-part mission will provide a suitable ground for the purposeful and continuous development of RSIS companies group.